About The Movie

On My Own is a family-friendly adventure movie with a Christian message.  

In the movie, a teenage boy named Bryce is sure that he doesn't need anyone's help

 with his lifeleast of all God's.  His best friend, Matt, coerces him to go to a youth group night at his church, where he is once again confronted with the powerful Word of God.  That night Bryce lays down in bed wakes up the next morning in a

 forest...or is dreaming it at least.  Bryce soon learns that he has wound up in the 15th century.  A nearby medieval family allows him to stay at their castle until he finds out how to get home, and along the way Bryce helps defeat the evil Count Authalos and learns the lesson that you can't do everything on your own.  

Filming lasted for two weeks during the summer of 2009, and around 200 people attended the premiere on August 21st, 2010.   

This movie was a volunteer project and any money made will go towards covering the cost of the movie.  This is all just for fun and to glorify the Lord with our film making and acting talents!





Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this movie possible.  I hope this movie moves people to think about their life and God's role in it. 

- Amy Bowman Director