A Sweeter Song

A Sweeter Song is a modern twist based on the true story of Ruth from the Old Testament.  

In the film, Darcey LeeLand, a new Christian, moves to a new city with her mother-in-law after the death of their husbands.  Darcey soon finds a job working as a secretary for Riley Hollis, a relative of her late father-in-law.  Through a series of events, and a growing friendship with both Riley and his sister, Julia, Darcey finds herself in love with Riley.  Shame and guilt from decisions she made as a nonChristian keep her from telling him the truth.  She knows that God has forgiven her of her sins... but can she learn to move on and allow God to give her a better future?



Thank You...

To everyone who helped make this movie possible!  Stay tuned for information on the premiere in spring/summer 2012!

~Amy Bowman Director